Timeless Souls, in a Dimension of Time



The astrology chart has two facets to it. First, there is the birth chart which portrays your overall potential in this lifetime, what I call "the gameplan of your Soul", and it stays with you throughout this life. This unique energy pattern at the Time and Space of your birth (not to be repeated for 26,000 years) becomes imprinted when the cord is cut and you become an independent entity.

Secondly, there is the unfolding of this gameplan in Time. Imagine that your birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at your birth. It is a fixed picture of a moment in space, but of course, Life goes on and, the planets continue on their orbital paths which are cyclical. The relationship of the continually changing sky to the original snapshot then depicts the unfolding of the gameplan over time.

"Do Not Wish To Be Anything But What You Are, And Try To Be That Perfectly."                                                                                                                                           Saint Francis De Sale

I view our lives on Earth as going to school, and will often use this analogy during our session. Just as we planned our year in advance during college by choosing what our subjects of study would be, similarly, our Souls plan our time here in astounding detail. Ultimately, our only lessons are our Choices as we play in the illusion of Free Will. The real goal is to regain Soul awareness for guidance in making these choices rather than from ego based past experiences. The birth chart provides us with the ultimate owner's manual of our Life Purpose and Path. Our horoscopes represent our electro-magnetic blueprint (or Aura) which then determines what types of experiences we will magnetize and draw to ourselves. Having a psychology background, I have a deep interest in how our mental patterns attract our reality to us: "We Are What We Think" (leading to) "Character is Destiny".


"You Don't Attract What You Want, You Attract What You Are"  Dr. Wayne Dyer

 We choose specific talents/lessons to work on in stages (semesters) through a series of lives, ultimately bringing it to a peak and then moving on to the next field that we want to explore. My favorite example is Mozart composing music at a young age, that being his peaking lifetime. Before birthing on Earth this time your Soul carefully chose the ideal experiences, circumstances, talents and relationships that would lead to successful learning of the current stage of the lesson. Just think of the preparations you would need to make before you went on a long journey to a new land. You would first plan your itinerary in detail. Then you would want to acquire the appropriate clothing (body) and equipment (abilities) necessary for each stage of the trip. You would also carefully select companions to share your journey with and arrange to meet them at specific junctures to guide you to the most meaningful experiences.


Once we are immersed in the density and intense drama of this world, though, we become tunnel-visioned and lose sight of the bigger picture. As we slow down our vibration to experience on Earth, we lose touch with the higher frequency of Soul awareness. Through infinite compassion and wisdom the Creator has given us various gifts/tools to assist us to remedy this amnesia. Of all these gifts that I've explored, Astrology has provided the most far-reaching and intricate perspectives. In the example of our trip, it would be easy to get so immersed in the various new locales and experiences so as to forget the larger plan and timetable. All we would need to do is to refer back to the original itinerary and map to find our way again. This was the original, and still is, the true purpose of Astrology. 

I will go back and forth between these two parts of your chart. I'll explain the "why and what" of your current path by providing practical information on the lessons your Higher Self has chosen to experience this time on Earth. This is usually two-fold - perfecting past life talents/gifts; and correcting Karmic imbalances. These seemingly separate tasks tie in with each other as our greatest tests ultimately become our greatest gifts/inspiration to others.

The predictive part of the session focuses on the "where and when" during the journey. As a further understanding of this process, it is important to realize that Time is cyclical, even though we experience it as being linear (past, present & future in a straight line). This is why we can see that history does repeat itself. Also, Time is not just a circle that goes around and around but more an upward moving Spiral. So, when a cycle completes, we then move to the next level in the spiral of Life. Otherwise, we would be stuck in a perpetual "Groundhog Day" :) And, if that weren't enough, we have many cycles within cycles with each cycle operating in the context of a larger cycle (just as there are 4 weeks in a month, 7 days in a week, 24 hours in a day, etc.). 

I will first cover the longer cycles that are operating in your life to help you understand the larger context before moving onto the shorter ones to fill in the details of the immediate future. Vedic Astrology utilizes a unique system of phenomenally accurate long-term lifecycles. Using these we can easily paint a broad but rich picture of the next 15-20 years while also being able to zero in on more immediate timeframes. This helps us to understand which specific lesson the Soul is focusing on over a number of years. Combining this with modern western micro techniques leads to a more detailed understanding of the next few years.

The true purpose of prediction is to alert us to what's coming next on the Soul's agenda so that we can achieve the optimum potential of that experience. Otherwise, knowing the future is pointless since it's going to happen anyway. The sooner we get the lesson the sooner it ends, hence the need to understand why an event is happening to us rather than only knowing when it's going to happen. It is profoundly empowering to know/understand that not only have we drawn an experience to ourselves but that we also have direct control over how intense that experience will be and when it will end.

An analogy that I often use explains how to make the most of the predictive information provided during the reading. It's of a surfer swimming out into the ocean, waiting for the right wave to bring them back to shore. There are waves every few seconds, but there's that one perfect wave that brings you all the way back. Astrology tells you when that wave is coming and then, you have two choices. One is to swim with the wave to maximize it's potential. The other is to do nothing. The wave will still carry you forward,  just not as far. You can't make the wave come; it comes on it's on (and is sent by the Soul). But, you can choose to make the most of it.

    "We Cannot Change The Cards We Are Dealt, Just How We Play The Hand".  Randy Pausch

Relationship Analysis

  "Relationships are our primary teacher. They are the context in which we either grow into the consciousness of God, or deny ourselves and others the opportunity to do so."  

A Course in Miracles 

Because the lessons on Earth are of the Heart our relationships provide the greatest arena for growth. As there are several factors involved, my approach is a multi-level analysis using Eastern and Western systems. Here we examine the "who" of our journey as our birth chart provides a clear and specific profile of the people we will need to meet in this life. This is usually either to complete some Karma, or often because the other has specific qualities that we need to be around to learn from and grow. Knowing your relationship profile will allow you to understand more quickly why you are with a partner in the first place. Many of us recognize similarities in the partners we draw to us without realizing the true significance of this pattern. The sooner we understand our Karma/lessons around relationships the sooner we stop attracting the "challenging" ones and get to have recess and play with more harmonious and supportive Soulmates. 

After understanding the profile I move onto the more traditional approach of "matching" two people's charts. This involves analyzing the degree of energetic compatibility with another on mind, body and Spirit levels. Another, newer approach, is to understand the third entity created when two people interact. In every relationship there is an I, a You and a We. By combining two people's charts a third (relationship) chart is created. Examining the "We" chart allows us to see past-life patterns between couples as well as the deeper potential or purpose of the union. 

These techniques accurately outline the degree of magnetic chemistry/attraction between two people but, it is important to remember that I cannot say who you will or will not be with. We have Free Will and your choices are yours to make.

And finally, Time is the key to any manifestation on the physical plane. It is essential to know if both people are currently in an ideal lifecycle to (a) meet a partner and (b) to fully embrace a relationship. Even if you have already met your ideal partner, if you are not in an ideal Time for the relationship to be center stage, then it will continue to remain in the wings. 


When we move from one location to another the energetic emphasis and focus of our birth chart changes. Imagine a color wheel in front of a spotlight. Each color here would represent a different field of activity, lessons and growth. As we move either east or west from our birthplace the wheel rotates and a different hue fills the stage of life. Many of us have experienced an immediate affinity to some places and an aversion to others. 

This technique places your birthchart on maps to provide an in-depth understanding of your personal "ley-lines" to show how different locations will impact various areas of your life. An amazingly accurate tool of western astrology that I've been using for over 30 years and still immensely enjoy exploring. 

Preparing For Your Session

 Your birth chart is your personal Lifeclock, and in fact looks like a clock - a circle with 12 parts to it. What personalizes this clock to you is it's own unique starting point which is based on the time and space co-ordinates of your birth. Just as a clock needs to be finely tuned to be accurate, your astrological chart needs a fine-tuned time of birth to be accurate.


I strongly advise you to obtain your time from a birth record. Mothers are usually in pain and often on drugs so their memory can be unreliable. If you do have to go by a parent's memory try and jog their recollection by asking leading questions to try and get a time that is accurate to within 10-15 minutes. For example, if they say it was in the morning ask if it was before/after sunrise or before/after breakfast, etc. and work in from there.

 Again, the reading will only be as accurate as the time of birth you provide to me. If we need to wait a couple of weeks for you to get a birth certificate then it's far better to do so.

Our session lasts approximately 70 minutes and can comprise any combination of the topics mentioned above that suits you. Some clients want more predictive, others more life purpose and others more focused on relationships, etc. I can easily tailor the session to your needs. The reading will be in a conversational style as a dialogue and you are welcome ask any questions pertaining to what we are discussing at the time. There will also be ample opportunity at the end of the reading for you to ask any remaining questions you may have. My experience is that most people have few questions by the end of our session as I'm quite thorough.  

Still, it is important for you to know what you want to get out of the session and might even want to make a list of questions for your own clarity. You are also welcome to email me this list before the session. Once our session is over I will not be able to answer any further questions as it takes me a good 30 minutes to re-analyze your chart. Also, it's helpful for me to have a visual connection with people and so please email me a photo of yourself before our session.  

  As a service to you, I record your reading as an MP3 audio file and email it to you within a few days. I take all possible precautions to ensure a good recording but, I cannot guarantee it, nor am I obliged to provide you with a recording. Equipment or power failure is sometimes a possibility but, I have rarely ever had this happen.  Because you will receive a good recording I recommend sitting back and absorbing the material rather than trying to write it all down. You can make quick notes of predictive time frames, though, so you won't have to search through a long recording to find that one important window for meeting a Soul mate ;)   

  Each chart is unique and won't be repeated for 26,000 years, just as a mystery novel may share themes and subplots with many others, but comes together in a unique story. I look forward to helping you uncover the mystery of your life and finding the threads that tie it all together. Even after 40+ years of looking at charts, this is the part that brings me the greatest fulfillment and, I look forward to sharing it with you.